Farview Recording, creator of the original rock drum samples for Drumagog, has carried on their tradition of excellence with the 3rd installment of the Rock Drums series, featuring superior, innovative and unique drum samples. "We don't assume to know what sound you want for your mix. That's why we created Rock Drums Volume III - To give you the tools to create your own unique drum sounds, to fit your music, and your mixing style".

Rock Drums Volume III gives you four "starting points" to help get you closer to your goal:

- Raw (no processing): You can do whatever you need to make the sound work in your mix
- Processed: Three different ways of processing for your convenience

All the drums on Rock Drums Volume III were sampled with tons of velocity layers / multisamples, to give you a smoother, more realistic response.

Included in Volume III:
20 kick gogs = 5 kicks, sampled raw and processed three different ways
24 tom gogs = 3 sets of 4 toms each, sampled raw and processed
64 snare gogs = 16 snares, sampled raw and processed three different ways

Download Version - $99